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Webster's Definition of "Benevolence"
1 : disposition to do good;
2a: an act of kindness;
2b: a generous gift

Every 3 months, Trinity Lutheran Church's Council of Ministries distributes benevolence that is based on offerings received by the church. 10 percent of offerings received are gifted to organizations in our community and surrounding area. Beginning in August, we will highlight one of these organizations in our monthly newsletter to learn more about what our benevolences support.

The Blanco County Child Protection and Advocacy Board cares for foster children in our county. They pay for children to attend summer camps or other extracurricular activities during the school year. If a child in foster care has special needs for equipment, like prescription glasses, the Board provides them with what they need. Birthday gifts and Christmas presents are another way the Board cares for children in Blanco County.

**Trinity's Vacation Bible School kids recently assembled backpacks containing art supplies and hygiene kits for foster kids. Children that are placed in foster care often arrive at the foster home with very few belongings. These backpacks will be given to them during this difficult time of transition.

Recently, the VBS backpacks were picked up by Connie Russell, Trinity Member and Board Member of the Child Protection Board. Connie sent the following note:

I passed all the backpacks on to the caseworker to distribute - our caseworker was surprised at what our kids had done at Vacation Bible School - and speechless to see all the great things in the backpacks!!

Also, from the Board: a great big Thank You to Trinity for all that they do for our kids!!

God Bless! Connie Russell