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News From Your Council of Ministries

Jerry Gass - PresidentLeta Garcia - Worship
Hal Switzer - Vice PresidentKaren Wagner - Evangelism
Tami Bigler - SecretaryNorman Eubank - Property
Medora Beckmann - TreasurerRon Bigler - Education / Youth
Penny Lieck - Financial Secretary Wayne Gosnell - Stewardship

COUNCIL NEWS -From the June 13, 2018 Meeting

The Meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m. by President Jerry Gass. Council members in attendance - Jerry Gass, Hal Switzer, Karen Wagner, Penny Lieck, Medora Beckmann, Norman Eubank, Wayne Gosnell and Pastors Bobby and Dayna Leggett. Absent were: Ron Bigler, Leta Garcia and Tami Bigler. Devotional: Bobby Leggett gave a devotional based on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, "Be joyful always..." Member Input: Sandy Switzer updated council members on a new Stephen Ministers' community outreach effort called "File of Life" in conjunction with the local EMS. Danny Osterhout updated council members on the status of the Gate Keeper security program at Trinity. Time was given to read over the minutes from the last meeting. Penny made a motion to accept the minutes with the following amendments: 1) Worship - at the end of line 3, add Lainie Parker to the list of employees who are now under the tax withholding from their pay checks; 2) Church Property - correct the spelling of the word "striping" to "stripping"; and 3) Old Business correct the spelling of the word "Doditos" to "Deditos."

Committee Reports:

Financial Report – Penny presented the financial report.
Treasurer’s Report – Medora presented the Treasurer's report.
Youth – In Ron's absence, Pastor Dayna reported that the Arty Party was cancelled due to Leta's illness. $2,510.61 in Fall Fundraiser proceeds were moved in June from the Fall Fundraiser account to the youth camp account so that we could figure out where we are on costs verses funds raised. As of June 12, 2018, campers have raised more than enough to cover all camp costs and travel. Regarding the Scholarship Fund: $6,141.75 was transferred from Fall Fundraiser proceeds into the scholarship account. Sunday School report: June 1 was the Paint Ball Art Project for Sunday School kids. On June 10, Sunday School ended for the summer. As a sending out, we started a Flat Jesus Project. They chose a drawing of Jesus, colored it, and we laminated it. Every time a child takes a trip this summer, they are to text the picture to the church so that we can print it and post it on the large bulletin board in the hallway. There are already some pictures posted. The kids also baked tool-shaped cookies for Fathers' Day.
Stewardship – Wayne Gosnell gave council members a synopsis on two stewardship-themed books: (1) Rich Church, Poor Church: Keys to Effective Financial Ministry, by J. Clif Christopher, 2012; and (2) A Spirituality of Fundraising, by Henri J. M. Nouwen, 2010.
Evangelism – Karen reported that July 29 is a 5th Sunday; and there will be a Potluck Dinner after the late service.
Worship – No report.
Church Property - Norm reported on the status of 1) the house teardown on the adjoining property; 2) the need for the portico drawings to be merged with the parking lot proposal drawings before they are presented to the City of Blanco for approval; 3) the oldest A/C Unit may need to be replaced very soon. Council authorized Norm to spend up to $6,400 in getting the house torn down and removed which would come from the Building Fund. Council also authorized Norm to spend up to $6,400 to replace the A/C unit when it becomes necessary, which would come from the Maintenance Budget. Any higher than $6,400 would require congregational approval. Norm also reported that CMOB just completed a wheelchair ramp project.
Fall Fund Raiser - In Tami's absence, Pastor Dayna reported that the proceeds were distributed as mentioned in the Youth report above. The status of the scholarship fund -- even after the distribution of funds -- still has a balance towards next year.
Wayne made a motion to accept the committee reports. Medora seconded. Unanimously approved.

Old Business --

* Appreciation Letters: Pastor Dayna sent out letters to the men's group (CMOB) and all who helped with the Middle School Lock in on May 19th. She also sent thanks you letters to all who helped on the door refinishing project. Wayne reported that we received several letters from EthnoMedia, Amber Newby with Blanco CoAPT thanking CMOB for our participation in the Middle School Lock-In, Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center, Upbring, Lutherans for Life, and Blanco EMS.
* Communion Assistants for the month of July were filled in.
* Plan for a "Reunion Sunday 2020" - tentatively scheduled for August 2020. Hal will spearhead this event.
* Scholarship report - see Youth report above.
* Welcome new families - Council discussed ways of getting new resident information. Item tabled.

New Business

* Sign Permits - Wayne reported that although some churches pay their sign permit fees, Trinity is the most frequent. He also said that the Mayor is considering waiving those fees for churches.
* Open Carry 30.06 signage. Tabled.
* Church budget money to send flowers to members cannot be used.
* Reminder that July council meeting will be July 18 due to vacations.
* VBS staffing and student registrations discussed. July 23-27, 2018
* Cooley/Mayfield wedding at TLC on June 22-23
* Baptism of Teagann Finch on June 24
* Baptism of Davis baby on July 1
* Couples Retreat, August 10-12
* Church Office will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th.

Motion by Penny Lieck to adjourn at 8:30 p.m., seconded by Karen Wagner. Unanimously approved. Closed with Lord’s Prayer.

Minutes taken by Dayna Leggett.