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News From Your Council of Ministries

Jerry Gass - PresidentLeta Garcia - Worship
Hal Switzer - Vice PresidentKaren Wagner - Evangelism
Tami Bigler - SecretaryNorman Eubank - Property
Medora Beckmann - TreasurerRon Bigler - Education / Youth
Penny Lieck - Financial Secretary Wayne Gosnell - Stewardship

COUNCIL NEWS -From the April 11, 2018 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:33 pm. by President, Jerry Gass. Council members in attendance – Jerry Gass, Karen Wagner, Tami Bigler, Penny Lieck, Medora Beckmann, Norm Eubank, Hal Switzer, Leta Garcia and Wayne Gosnell. Devotional: Jerry Gass gave a devotional on the Book of Matthew. Member Input: None Time was given to read over the minutes from last meeting. Leta made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected, Wayne seconded. Approved.

Committee Reports:

Financial Report – Penny presented the financial report.
Treasurer’s Report – Medora presented the Treasurer's report.
Youth – Ron was not present but sent in that the Pancake Breakfast at Easter was enjoyed by all and well attended.
Stewardship – Wayne reported he will give a Temple Talk on the 1st Quarter Benevolence this Sunday, April 15th, along with additional info on giving and tithing.
Evangelism – Karen reported that it was suggested to move the morning snacks to the back into the fellowship hall; to limit the disruption to service. It was suggested to make a sign for now and leave refreshments where they are. Karen mentioned her and Leta had a meeting to discuss the Women’s Group and Women of Trinity. Leta gave an update as to what transpired. Hal gave a report on Stephen Ministry for the month of March and will include this report monthly in the agenda packets. It was suggested that we include a line item on the budget for 2019 for flowers. For the time being and flowers needed will be allocated out of Altar Maintenance. Teen challenge will be here April 29th and we will have a Potluck lunch.
Worship – Leta’s report is included in Evangelism.
Church Property – Norm reported he did normal maintenance – roller door was fixed. Palm Sunday clean-up went well and the new sink in the kitchen has been installed.
Fall Fundraiser – Tami has nothing to report.
Leta made a motion to accept the committee reports. Karen seconded. All approved.

Old Business --

* Thank you letters - none
* Review of Council Retreat – A motion was made during the retreat to change Contract Employees to Salaried Employees and issue them a W2
* Communion Assistants list was reviewed.
* Reunion 2020 – tabled for a later date
* Congregational Meeting – April 15
* Security – Hal reported it would cost $11.22 per hour to have (1) guard on duty through the Gate Keepers Plan. It is a series of (2) courses (3 day / 4 day). It was brought up to install bulletproof glass and doorway in the nursery – costs are being obtained. Penny made a motion to move forward to find out additional cost and information. Leta second. All approved.

New Business

* Scholarship Report
* Closing of the Building procedures
* Benevolence for 1st Quarter of 2018. A total of $8,000 was distributed among the following recipients: Blanco County Child Protection and Advocacy, Blanco FFA, CASA of the Highland Lakes, Blanco Good Samaritan Center, Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center, Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center, Adult and Teen Challenge, UpBring, and Lutherans for Life.

Leta made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:13 pm, Karen seconded, all Approved. Closed with Lord’s Prayer.