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News From Your Council of Ministries

Jerry Gass - President Leta Garcia - Worship
Hal Switzer - Vice PresidentKaren Wagner - Evangelism
Karen Steiger - SecretaryNorman Eubank - Property
Medora Beckmann - TreasurerAlexis Wagner - Education / Youth
Sheri Riley - Financial Secretary Wayne Gosnell - Stewardship

 Council News -- from the November 13, 2019 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:25pm. Council members in attendance – Norm Eubanks, Medora Beckmann, Karen Wagner, Hal Switzer, Leta Garcia, Sheri Riley, Wayne Gosnell, Jerry Gass, and Pastor Bobby Leggett. Absent members – Claudia Smith and Alexis Wagner. Pastor opened with a devotional from Isaiah 41:10 regarding fear of the unknown.
Member Input: Sandy Switzer presented outreach suggestions such as sharing bible school lessons with neighbors and inviting them to church. Time was given to read over the previous meeting minutes, corrections/additions are:
     * Attendance: Medora Beckmann and Karen Wagner should be added
     * Committee Reports: revise Evangelism – “Sunday, November 11, toy soldier given out as prayer reminders”
     * Old Business: “Youth Minister Search – Alexis and Ashley have filled the necessary roles for this position. No immediate action needed.”
Leta moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Hal seconded. Approved.


Leta moved to accept the committee reports. Norm seconded. Approved.

Old Business --

New Business –

ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING on Jan. 19th immediately following late worship in the sanctuary.
COPIES OF THE PROPOSED 2020 BUDGET will be available on or before Sunday, December 29th in the narthex for members to review prior to the January 19, 2020 Annual Congregational Meeting. Pick up your copy on Sunday morning or during church office hours, Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm.