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News From Your Council of Ministries

Jerry Gass - President Leta Garcia - Worship
Hal Switzer - Vice PresidentKaren Wagner - Evangelism
Karen Steiger - SecretaryNorman Eubank - Property
Medora Beckmann - TreasurerAlexis Wagner - Education / Youth
Sheri Riley - Financial Secretary Wayne Gosnell - Stewardship

 Council Notes -- from the June 10, 2020 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:08pm by President Jerry Gass. Council members present: Medora Beckmann, Norm Eubank, Jerry Gass, Karen Steiger, Hal Switzer, and Karen Wagner. Other members joining us by Zoom: Wayne Gosnell & Alexis Wagner. Patrick Welton came again as an observer.

Sandy Switzer provided member input detailing TLC’s Welcome Wagon project. So far 3 teams have been formed: Sally Anderson & Sandy Switzer, Jan Gass & Leta Garcia, and Martha Gosnell & Sandy Switzer. Each team delivers a welcome bag, containing a coffee mug and a pound of coffee, to the homes visited. Wayne designed a sticker with pertinent TLC information to be attached to each welcome bag & each bag of coffee. Karen W designed the coffee mugs (with permission to drop Pastor’s calling card inside) using a picture of the church on the outside. The coffee was purchased at Cosco. Sandy reported that 8 homes have been visited, and the responses have been mostly positive. Two families have children, so Sunday School information was also shared. 70 bags have been made and will be distributed.

The minutes of the May 13, 2020 Council meeting had 2 minor corrections. Three graduating Seniors will be honored on Senior Sunday. And under Old Business a TV was installed in the fellowship hall, not a speaker. In Sheri’s absence Jerry presented the financial reports through May 2020. The roof claim income & roof expenses were reclassified to show more accurate bar charts. The financial picture for TLC looks particularly good despite having to live-stream our Sunday services. Jerry commended Pastor for getting the word out to the congregation commending them for being faithful during the pandemic.

Hal brought up for consideration to have a line item…Media Expense…under Worship Expenses, especially once we have yearly fees re: new software or other media expenses not considered capital expenditures.

Medora gave the Treasurer’s Report as of May 22, 2020. The outstanding check #10721 can be added back in because it was a duplicate. She reported that our 17-month CD is maturing on Jun 10, 2020. It had an interest rate of 2.33%.


Youth – Alexis is now licensed to practice legally in 5 states. She will be taking the Texas Bar exam in September. Senior Sunday will be June 14. The 3 honorees will receive gifts and be treated to a special video featuring them and shown during Sunday’s worship service. Summer Sunday School preparations are well under way to begin June 28. Ashley Finch is coordinating the Dr. Seuss themed Sunday School and Sherri Wicker is working on some special Dr. Seuss snacks. The Girls’ Retreat is scheduled for August 6-9 in Concan. 12 girls have signed up so far. The Glorietta Camp deposit is being mailed back and should arrive in a few weeks. The scholarship committee met and unanimously suggested to split the $8,000.00 equally among the 8 applicants, pending the Council’s approval.

Stewardship – Wayne reported that the Legacy Giving Program needs to be developed once we can get back together. Next month the Benevolence distributions will be made.

Evangelism – Karen reported that her activities have been on hold because of the pandemic.

Worship – In Leta’s absence Jerry led discussion on thinking about when our worship could return to 2 services each Sunday. No plans can be made until we know how the pandemic will be treated. Jerry mentioned a good that has come out of this crisis is live streaming our services and Zooming our Bible Class. Suggestions were made to keep the live-stream function so people that are out of town or unable to attend worship would still be able to participate.

Property – Norm reported that the roof replacement project is complete. AV feed to fellowship hall is complete & functioning. New cross location will be discussed later. Brotherhood Mutual did a risk control visit on Mar 16 pointing out some items to consider, but not mandatory 1) installing impact absorbing material under the playground equipment, and 2) trimming limbs above the church. Agent in Hutto will notify Brotherhood Mutual that playground material will not be installed, and limbs will be trimmed at a better time of the year.

Security – Hal addressed recent security training. Lacy Lukich has completed a special 1-day training course. Danny Osterhout just needs to be recertified. Charles Riley has expressed interest to be part of the Security Team. He needs a ‘License to Carry’ to be part of the team. Hal also mentioned that he is still working on getting the defibrillator.

Karen Wagner moved we accept the Committee Reports and Alexis Wagner seconded the motion. All were in favor.


Old Business –

--Appreciation Letters were received from CASA, ILT, Ethnomedia, Blanco Co Child Protection, Upbring and LFL. Additionally, we received a gift from the PEC United Charities that we will distribute as additional benevolence monies.

--Patrick gave an Internship Update. He is taking 2 classes this summer…one being Entrepreneurialship in Your Local Ministry.

--The Operation Christmas Child letter to Amy Jeanne Welton has been written including ideas to move forward in a more single-family sponsored manner in the future. The Council welcomes Amy Jeanne’s input. Jerry will send out the letter on official church letterhead. Does Samaritan’s Purse have any way of telling us where the boxes go?

--The website is visible but is still under construction. Alexis & Kathy will meet to solve some of the issues that are not yet perfected. Alexis showed the home page & its many features. It is very eye-catching & informative. Alexis, Tami, Kathy & Angie will be trained to update the website.

--The Communion Schedule has been completed through August 2020.

--Fellowship hall overflow concerns were brought up. Sit as many worshippers in the Sanctuary as possible before going into fellowship hall overflow. Ushers can bring communicants to main church for Communion. Supplies such as attendance cards, hymnals, Bibles, bulletins should be available in the fellowship hall, also.

--No need to continue calling list of members since we are meeting on Sundays again.

New Business –
--Angie will be out of the office July 6-9. Our next Council meeting is July 8, so plan ahead with Angie by July 2. No Fellowships are to be scheduled until the pandemic is over.

--Hal made a motion to pay Nursery Attendant, Lainie Parker, during Covid-19 even though we had no worship services. Karen W. seconded the motion. All were in favor.

At 8:39pm Medora made the motion to adjourn the meeting, and Karen W. seconded the motion. Everyone joined in reciting The Lord’s Prayer.

Webster’s Definition of “Benevolence”…
1 : disposition to do good; 2a : an act of kindness; 2b : a generous gift

Every 3 months, Trinity Lutheran Church’s Council of Ministries distributes benevolence that is based on offerings received by the church. 10 percent of offerings received are gifted to organizations in our community and surrounding area.  At the July 8th Council of Ministries Meeting the Council approved the following organizations would receive benevolences totaling $9,310.00, which is 10% of our offerings from April through June 2020. The organizations we supported this quarter include:

Blanco County Child Protection and Advocacy Board

CASA of the Highland Lakes

thnomedia, for the Deditos Program

Blanco Good Samaritan Center

Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center>

Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center

Institute of Lutheran Theology (ILT)

ILT Scholarship for member

LCMC Texas District

LCMC National Organization

Lutherans for Life

Blanco County Community Resource Center (CRC)

Blanco Education Foundation

Teen Challenge of Texas


Wycliffe Bible Translators