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News From Your Council of Ministries

Jerry Gass - PresidentLeta Garcia - Worship
Paul Lukich - Vice PresidentKaren Wagner - Evangelism
Tami Bigler - SecretaryNorman Eubank - Property
Medora Beckmann - TreasurerRon Bigler - Education / Youth
Penny Lieck - Financial Secretary Kayla Wersal - Stewardship

COUNCIL NEWS -From the August 9th, 2017 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:31 pm. by President, Jerry Gass. Council members in attendance – Jerry Gass, Pastors Bobby & Dayna, Karen Wagner, Paul Lukich, Ron Bigler, Tami Bigler, Penny Lieck, Medora Beckmann, Norm Eubank, Leta Garcia. Time was given to read over the minutes from last meeting on July 12th. Norm made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Ron seconded. Approved.

Committee Reports:

Financial Report – Penny presented the financial report.
Treasurer’s Report – Medora presented her reports.
Youth – Ron reported Ron reported that VBS was a huge success, many children were in attendance and there were numerous volunteers and countless hours spent putting it together.
Stewardship - Kayla was not present.
Evangelism – Karen reported that the last potluck went very well and the next one will be held in October.
Worship – Leta reported the choir will be singing Sunday, August 20th.
Church Property – Norm reported he had nothing to report.
Fall Fundraiser – Tami reported that ticket sales are slow but that everything is going well. She is asking for volunteers to help coordinate various areas of the Fall Festival.

Medora made a motion to accept the committee reports. Karen seconded. All approved.

Old Business --

* Appreciation letters: The church has received many over the last few weeks.
* Temple Talk: Schedule was discussed
* Property next door: It was reported that we now own the property and the current tenants have until Oct 1 to vacate.
* Marriage / Youth Program: We will discuss this at a later date after more research has been done.

New Business –-

* Church security was discussed
* VBS: Dayna reported there were 60 children is attendance, a great variety of kids (churched / unchurched), volunteers were amazing and everything was awesome.
* Fellowship Schedule: Potluck is October 29th.
* Nominating Committee: Ron Bigler will head up the committee
* Budget Committee: Paul Lukich will head up the committee.

Leta made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 pm, Penny seconded, all Approved.

*Pastor’s devotion and the Lord’s Prayer were conducted during / after the Council retreat which directly followed tonight’s Council of Ministry meeting.