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Dec. 1—Daytimer’s Potluck & Games, Noon-3pm, in the fellowship hall

Dec. 9—Tree Trimming & Decorate the Church for Christmas, 9am-Noon

Dec. 13—Council of Ministries Meeting, 6:00pm

Church office Closed—From Noon on Dec. 21 through January 2nd! **If you should need to contact Pastor in an emergency, please call 210-215-7524, or Angie Daniels at 833- 2743

Dec. 24—Christmas Eve Morning Worship Service at 10:30a.m. ONLY Candlelight Service with Holy Communion—one service only at 5p.m.

Dec. 25—Merry Christmas!

Dec. 31—New Year’s Eve Worship, 10:30a.m. only

Holiday Worship Schedule

Sunday, Dec. 24th—One morning worship service, with Holy Communion, at 10:30a.m. ONLY

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service, with Holy Communion, at 5:00p.m. ONLY

Sunday, Dec. 31st—New Year’s Eve, One worship service at 10:30a.m. onlyTrinity Delivers Meals on Wheels in


Trinity Delivers Meals on Wheels in January—please volunteer to deliver on the Sign up sheet on the bulletin board

What is Focus on the Family's The Truth Project®? - For more information, click here.
“What is truth?” -- Pontius Pilate, c. 30 A.D.
Beginning Monday, Jan. 8, and continuing for 13 weeks, there will be two class opportunities– 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sign-up Roster is located on the Narthex Hallway Bulletin Board. The cost of the course is $18 per student. Please indicate if you already have materials. Contact Pastor Dayna for more information.


Dec 2 -   Cymbre Wicker Dec 12 - Claire Klepac
                 Arlene Hamlin
Dec 22 - Jesse Ferrell
Dec 3 -   Logan Parker Dec 13 - Creed Finch Dec 23 - Ron Neigut
Dec 6 -  Colby Batey Dec 14 - Jasen Parker
                Karen Wagner
Dec 26 - Michael Mayo
Dec 9 -  Judy Brewer
               Carolyn Milam
               Ronnie Wagner
Dec 18 - Bobby Brewer Dec 29 - Connie Russell
                 Bruce Hanz
Dec 10 - David Hesskew Dec 20 - Betty Cooley Dec 30 - Wayne Gosnell


Dec 12 - Curtis & Bobbie Behnke, 1997 Dec 31 - Paul & Lisa Granberg, 1993
  Dec 31 - Wayne & Martha Gosnell, 1971