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Although we are not here in body, we are worshiping together ONLINE. Please join us for worship on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings (until further notice)

Sunday mornings, at 9:30 am via Facebook Live Stream. and
Maundy Thursday/Good Friday Services evenings at 6:00pm
Go to Facebook: and find Trinity Lutheran Church Blanco, Texas.

As per the current health guidelines, there will be no scheduled gatherings at Trinity Lutheran Church of more than 10 people until further notice. The Congregation will be informed as these restrictions are lifted, but at this time we are reminding everyone to continue to worship by live stream and take care of family and friends.
IN THE MEANTIME… During this time of “physical distancing” email the church office a photo of you or your family’s Easter in 2020—a favorite egg hunt, Easter dinner with family, or dropping off Easter cheer to a homebound neighbor.  Easter 2020, how did you share the Good News of Christ’s resurrection?

Holy Week Worship Schedule

April 5   — Palm/Passion Sunday 

April 9   — Maundy Thursday

April 10 — Good Friday

April 12 — Easter Sunday

**PLEASE NOTE—In addition to the livestreamed events on Facebook, all the sermons from March and during Holy Week will be available to watch (or listen) on this website (click on Sermons on the menu at the top of each page).

To View John Donne's series of meditations - "A Classic Devotion for Times of Sickness," Click here.

To View Holy Week Texts for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Click here.


Apr  5  -  Addy Seymour
                 Bob Riley

Apr 18 - Barbara Eubank
                 Ray Wolbrecht

Apr 26 - Paula Batey
                Mark Leismann

Apr 6  - Tami Bigler

Apr 19 - Darby Kersten
                 Bobbie Morgenroth
Apr 27 - Bobby Leggett
                 Merle Raymond

Apr 8 -  Maria Anna Lindeman

Apr 21 - Jo Wicker Apr 28 - Bonnie Parlmer
                 Toni Daniels
                 Patricia Weiss

Apr 10 - Valerie Heskew Isidro  

Apr 22 - Laurie Parker
Apr 13 - Larry Liesmann
Apr 24 - Augustus Cox
                Chris Mercer



Apr 8  -  Stephen & Marcie Wagner, 1978 Apr 22  - Mike & Sally Anderson, 2006
Apr 8  -  Edwared & Mary Weirich, 2000