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Life Thoughts

Trinity Lutheran Church Life Team - - Mission Discovery Process Meeting, March 11, 2018

The Life Team met on Sunday, March 11,2018 to discuss the areas determined to be of importance to our mission here at Trinity. An outline of these thoughts are as follows:


1. Continue to support the Bulverde/Spring Branch Pregnancy Center; bottle drive, volunteer as needed, bring our youth to deliver the baby bottles; tour the facility and see what they are doing for the neighborhood; keep their flyers available. (The Central Texas Life Care Pregnancy Center has received some major funding and has verbally supported our gifts to B/SB as per Arlene Hamlin, a counselor at CTLC.) Have a special speaker come to a 5th Sunday luncheon (or other) and talk about what they do and what kind of support they need.

2. Christian Attorney to address Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorney, Christian preambles, and other legal Life issues. Amy Jeanne Welton has agreed to present in the fall of 2018. Not just for the elderly! All ages should be ready for end of life issues!! Open it to whole community. A subset of Life Planning would be a Social Security seminar so people know what to expect and how to get the most out of their plan. How can you maximize your benefits? Open to whole community.

3. Youth: Sabrina McGrath, 16 year old member of the Life Team, has a dream of setting up a Life Club at the High School in Blanco. She will be attending the Texas Right to Life Team LIFE Camp at Camp Chrysalis from April 13-15. Other ideas for Youth involvement include speakers on the importance of chastity, abstinence, drug and alcohol issues, human trafficking, and any other issues that might be requested. We would like to take some youth with the baby bottles to the pregnancy center so they can learn firsthand what the Center does with the support we give. We would like to involve them in Meals on Wheels during the summer when school is out, even if only for one day’s deliveries. We would like to take them with us to the nursing homes or to visit shut-ins on a scheduled basis. The key here is to help involve them in something that is a true service to others of all ages within our congregation.

4. Senior Citizens: Expand Meals on Wheels. More volunteers means we can visit a little longer with each person. This is a true blessing to us as we serve and we are a blessing to them. Schedule regular visits to nursing homes, our own shut-ins, letter writing volunteers. Sing for them once or twice a year, certainly at Christmas, both nursing homes and shut-ins. Involve our youth and young families as possible. (Most) elderly people LOVE to see children. Consider Mother/daughter and Father/son banquets. Honor Veterans with a luncheon. Free income tax advice or service; Help with check books or medical paperwork.

Barbara Geistfeld
Life Team Leader