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Ray Wolbrecht Shares the Children's Sermon with the Youth


On April 22nd, Ray Wolbrecht shared the Children’s Sermon with the youth. His sermon was titled: “The Bible—What’s It Good For?”.

They Called It "OOGLA"

The Sunday School lesson on April 22nd was on being a Good Shepherd. Our first activity was leading your "sheep" thru an obstacle course while your sheep were blindfolded. Each round we added more and more distractions, to show how hard it is to be a Shepherd, and how frustrating it is to try to get them to listen and follow your lead with the distractions from the world.

Then we made a cornstarch slime the kids called “Oogla,” and spent our time trying to "herd" it, when it is constantly changing form.

Thank you, Charles and Karla Riley for making Oogla with the kiddos and for “herding” our littlest sheep towards a closer relationship with God!!