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Polka Worship—Sun., Oct. 28th at 10:30 a.m.

It’s time for the most fun worship experience all year! That’s right, POLKA WORSHIP will be Sunday, October 28 at 10:30 only. Although Oma will not be attending, there will be a 4-piece polka band. New to us will be Maria Mullins at the piano; Shirley Johnson on the accordian; Jonathan Campbell on the tuba; and Oma’s son, David C. Smith on the drums. Invite your friends and neighbors for some toe-tapping, inspiring worship.

Our service at 8 a.m. will remain a traditional worship service. Our 10:30 service will be filled with Polka music.

What’s a Polka Worship? Although the worship is celebrated to a polka beat, the reverence of the celebration is retained. The Polka Worship is not intended to be a show or entertainment, but a religious expression of faith. So just in case you’re skeptical, come see what all the fun is all about!