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Sunday School Hosts Angel Tree!

We have been blessed with the opportunity to show love to 21 children from 7 families. The children range from 3 months to 13 years and all are in Blanco. 18 of the 21 children attend school in Blanco while 3 are infants. We would love to make sure every child gets a new outfit possibly including socks and underwear and a couple of their wish list items. Most of which are fairly cheap.

To find out more check the Angel Tree board in the narthex, or contact Ashley Finch at (830-237-6288). All donations for the Angel Tree recipients are due back at church by Dec 16th.

There are several ways to be an Angel Tree Sponsor:

1. Full Sponsor; take a child from the board and purchase their clothing and wish list.
2. Partial Sponsor; take a child from the board and purchase either their clothing or wish list.
3. Donating Sponsor; choose a name and donate to that name or just make a general donation towards all Angel Tree kids. Dedicated shoppers will use the funds donated to make sure each child receives their special gifts.
5. Item Sponsor; donate general items that can be divided where needed. Some common wish list items are coloring supplies, coloring books, arts and crafts, balls and stuffed animals.
6. Bike sponsor; donate towards the bike fund. There are 9 children who have wish listed a bike. We will be watching ads to get the best deals possible on the bikes.

Amy Jeanne Welton will be donating a Bible to every child and we will send a Spanish Bible to the homes who do not speak English.

Sunday School News

* Nov 24th is the Sunday before Thanksgiving and families will be traveling, so it is going to be low attendance. We will be sorting the left-over garage sale items to get them ready for Good Sam.

* Dec 1st we will be working on costumes for our Christmas program.

* Dec 7th will be our first day of filming for the program.

* Dec 8th we will be working on cards and ornaments for The Henry House

* Dec 15th working on Christmas Program

* Dec 21st we will be decorating cookies for the over 80's bags

* Dec 22nd we will be practicing and dressing for our Christmas Program. This Sunday during the service, we will combine our live performers with the previously filmed scenes at 10:30a.m.

* Dec 29th we will not have Sunday School for youth.
                                                                           Ashley Finch, Sunday School

Sunday School Lessons in October:

Childrens Sermon Oct

10/6—God is Able to Save Us

10/13—God Keeps All His Promises

10/20—Let your light SHINE & Pumpkin FUN!

10/27—God Helps Us When We Ask

Rally Day, Sept. 8th—Kicks Off Sunday School at Trinity!

Sunday School Rally Day

For the first Sunday School of Fall we served “Plague” Sundaes with the following 7 toppings:

Blood River; (Strawberry Sauce)
Darkness; (Chocolate Sauce)
Hail; (Marshmallows)
Lice; (Sprinkles)
Flies; (Chocolate Peanuts)
Frogs; (Gummi Frogs)
Locusts; (Sour Patch)
Boils; (Cherries)
Livestock; (Animal Cookies)
Death of First Born; (Twizzlers for painted doors).

We played some Simon Says with acting out the plagues before enjoying our ice cream. We also went out to the yard to play!


The Nursery expansion, (knocking out the wall that separated the original nursery from the office area) was completed in July and enlarged the space for little ones. In August new flooring and paint was added to complete the transformation. All work will be completed by September 8th, when the Nursery will again be open to our littlest members at the start of another Sunday School year!