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Trinity's Vacation Bible School -- July 23 - 27, 2018

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." ----- Psalm 19:1

We are diligently working behind the scenes to rebuild our stage set. Costuming is complete. Station Signs are ready. Most of the decorations are already on site.

Galactic Starveyors logoSpace Stations:
* Fuel Cell Station
(Kitchen) - Sherri Wicker once again will lead this station and needs at least 6 helpers during the daytime, plus trash haulers at the end of the day, someone to prsent the Gospel each day, cooks, prep for the next day, and so much more.

* Deditos (Missions) - Patrick Welton will lead the audio/visual/lesson part of our Missions Station, however, he needs lots of help with crafts.

* Galactic Bible Adventures (Drama)

* NASA Science Station - Ashley Finch has claimed this station. All of our experiments are already purchased and include robotics, hydroponics, and a planetarium. Ashley needs lots of helpers.

* Asteroid Games - We have lots of space station games planned, but need the crew.

* Opening & Closing - Staffed and costumed. Alexis Wagner, Talon Cain, Seamus Welton.

* Nursery is now named SPACE PLACE.  We need at least 4 people to cover this group of small ones.

* Registration  Registration takes place the afternoon before VBS and the first two mornings of VBS. We need a minimum of 3 helpers on this desk.

* Hubble Videography Looking for an "orbiting Hubble photographer" to capture scenes throughout the day.

* Preparation  There are Space Crew Bags to stuff, name tags to assemble, and decorations to make. If you have some free time to spend at Trinity during the week call me and I will put together a project for you.

Deep Space Crew Leaders:

We need at least 10 Deep Space Crew Leaders and 10 assistants. I already have two Leaders and one Assistant signed up. Neighborhood students are already asking for registrations forms!

We are excited to BLAST OFF this year. The stations will be new, exciting, and filled with the Word of God! Both STUDENT and VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORMS are available in the office, or sign up on-line by clicking on the appropriate section below.

To sign up to be a Volunteer please complete the Volunteer Registration Form by clicking on the following link:
To complete the Volunteer Registration Form online, click here.

To sign up your child for Vacation Bible School (VBS) - please complete the Student Registration Form by clicking on the following link:
To complete the Student Registration Form online, click here.

Come, discover the God of the Universe with us!

(To view the video from Trinity's 2017 Vacation Bible School, click here.)