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VBS 2018
JULY 23-27, 2018

PREPARE TO BELIEVE. "By faith we understand that the universe was created by the Word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible." -- Hebrews 11:3

VBS 2018 at Trinity was a huge success in the community. We filled 12 crews, plus 7 in the nursery. Everyone was hanging on each day's adventure video! What an amazing time as we watched the children watch a video, then realize that they were a part of the set each day; hearing them cheer when the space ship escaped from the Black Hole; and on the last day, they cheered even louder when the Starveyors made it back to Trinity. Parents Night packed in 125 +/- people. Parent feedback was extremely positive. Staff feedback was also extremely positive; especially about the wonderful lunches they received each day.

Thanks to the Space Stations:

Fuel Cell Station (Kitchen) - Sherri Wicker (Station Leader), Sandy Switzer, Medora Beckmann, Jan Gass, Norm Eubank and Makenzie Grissom.

Deditos (Missions)- Patrick Welton (Station Leader), Amy Jeanne Welton, Sharon Wolbrecht and Savannah Swift.

Galactic Bible Adventures (Drama) Caroline Welton (Station Leader), Sheila Mercer, Ray Wolbrecht and Travis Kersten.

NASA Science Station - Robots, rockets, planets flying AWESOME! Ashley Finch (Station Leader), Amy Mayo, Lydia Bledsoe, Karen Steiger (her first VBS at Trinity) and Karen Wagner.

Asteroid Games - Giant, wet hamster wheel in space, Giant wet flying tacos! Mars Rovers! What fun. Joshua Neill (Station Leader), Jerry Gass, Karl Gass and Cameron Anderson.

Opening & Closing - EVERYONE was waiting for the next day's adventure! Alexis Wagner (Station Leader), Talon Cain, Seamus Welton and Pastor Dayna.

Nursery is now named SPACE PLACE. Even the little ones got to do some amazing things! Lainie Parker (Station Leader), Kathy Kersten, Chase Klein and Laurie Parker.

Registration The madness BEFORE VBS! Angie Daniels, Amy Mayo and Claudia Smith.

Hubble Videography The Fabulous Carlie Kuebel (BHS senior).

SET BUILDING: Martin Wersal made all the adjustments to the set height ahead of time so that set assembly and tear down went VERY SMOOTHLY. This allowed us to use our monitors which greatly enhanced the professionalism of our VBS. Wayne Gosnell, Richard Palmer, Talon Cain, Jim Clifton, Patrick and Seamus Welton, Norm Eubank, Toni and Angie Daniels, and the most cheerful Carson Cooley. Katie and Yvonne Skeen spent over 50 hours (collectively) with me prior to VBS building robots, planets, rockets, assembling mars rovers and giant tacos, stuffing crew bags, and so much more.

I am sure there were others who helped. Either there was no paper trail or I just can't remember ... the greatly anticipated/dreaded week happened so fast. Just know that your help was essential in making it the smoothest event at Trinity ever!

Thanks to the Deep Space Crew Leaders:

Pod 1
Crew 1 - Hadleigh Gillett (came all the way from Waco to serve.), and Tia Collins
Crew 2 - Martha Gosnell (seasoned 10 year VBS veteran)
Crew 3 - Riley Bigler (returned from college to help) and Katie Skeen (before and after volleyball camp)

Pod 2
Crew 4 - Bonnie Palmer
Crew 5 - Dayna Ann Alston and ShaLyn Wagner
Crew 6 - Arlene Hamlin and Makenzie Bellman (came from San Antonio to help for the week)

Pod 3
Crew 7 - Toni Daniels and Coryne Tom
Crew 8 - Janice Culton
Crew 9 - Abbie Culton (who returned from college to serve) and Pam Nabers

Pod 4
Crew 10 - Lacy Lukich and Lilly Gass (who came from Boerne for the week)
Crew 11 - Callie Culton (between moving to Boerne and job hunting, she served)
Crew 12 - THE SPACE PLACE CREW (Nursery) Lainie Parker (college student), Kathy Kresten (new member and first time at Trinity VBS), Chayn Klein (seasoned VBS veteran!), Laurie Parker (another seasoned Nursery VBS volunteer)

NEW FOR 2019

PAY ATTENTION: For the past 11 + years, Trinity has done its VBS on the last full week of July. That cannot happen in 2019. Alexis Wagner will be studying/taking the Bar Exam during that time. Therefore,

VBS is moving to June 10-14, 2019

That means we start RIGHT NOW with preparations. The theme will be the Old West. If you are interested in claiming a particular station or job, please contact Pastor Dayna.

They came and discovered the God of the Universe!

Check back soon to view the video from the 2018 Vacation Bible School.

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