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"rim": noun: the upper or outer edge of an object, such as a wheel

Not Afraid of Storms

Greetings, Ladies!
Continuing on with our ships wheel theme, we are down to one of the last remaining parts, the rim. The rim is what keeps the spokes in place. Each segment of the rim is called a “felloe” (we really could refer to it as the “fellow” referring to our fellow sisters in faith.) The spokes support the felloe, and the felloe supports the spokes and all the felloes together make the rim. See how that works? That is how we work as a women’s ministry and a church. Every part has a specific role and yet works together to create a whole wheel, a whole ministry and a whole church.

The Apostle Paul addresses this very thing in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, where he talks about one body but many parts. I encourage you to read that passage as it will give you a better understanding of women’s ministry in the church.

My Notes: I just started the Bible study, Calm My Anxious Heart, led by Sharon Wolbrecht, of the Women of the Word. It is a fantastic study with an awesome group of ladies and I encourage you to join us for a time of fellowship and digging into God’s Word. The study is held on Tuesday evenings at the church fellowship hall at 6pm.

Claudia Smith


Tuesday, October 2—Women of the Word, (WOW) meet at 6pm at the home of Barbara Eubank for fellowship, dinner and study.