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December Women's Newsletter

The first Tuesday of NOVEMBER was a movie night. The movie, “Is Genesis History?” was informational with good discussions following on Sunday and the review helped many clarify their own thoughts. We hope if you were unable to see the movie that you can make arrangements to view it. We also enjoyed a small but tasty meal before the movie, and we would like to thank our church for a wonderful evening of fellowship. Our November studies developed concepts on spirituality and the thoughts from the movie shown on Nov. 7. We have had 6 to 10 ladies attending and it has been of great value in our growth of faith. Where there are two gathered in His name, God is present. As Bobby told us in an October sermon his spirituality keeps growing and as we study together we learn that we must follow our faith and continue to grow.

We would also like to thank all the ladies who made bake goods for the October festival and to all the women and men who helped on that festival day. The bake sale was able to help us to contribute $353.00 to the young people for their trip. Many other women helped during the day by serving in various capacities. Great job for the children of our church, ladies!

Hope you were in church on Nov 5 to view the DVD of our retreat. Pictures do add to our understanding and are worth a thousand words! Thanks to all who made the video and shared pictures of the experience. We hope the video will add to others’ understanding of what we do on a retreat. We also look forward to next year that more ladies will be able to join us in fellowship, faith-building, time together, prayer, music and study.

December is a busy month for many but we are going to still share time together. Carolyn Milam is hosting the evening, and we are asking each lady to bring an ornament to give away in a Christmas swap. This will happen on Tuesday, December 5, 6pm at Carolyn’s home (for directions call her at 830-385-2482.) Sharon Wolbrecht will lead us in fellowship. Maybe Leta Garcia will help us sing some Christmas Carols! Want to organize a caroling night? We will also sign up for our 2018 meeting hostess times, and see what we want to study for 2018. So come with an ornament and ideas!

Our Bible study which is led by Sharon Wolbrecht, will be held at the church fellowship hall at 6:30 PM starting again in January. The Blanco school system is looking for help in tutoring students in reading. The program will start in January and it is known as PALS. If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful program please talk to Sandy Switzer or Leta Garcia. Training will be provided for the adult volunteers. We would love the Women of Trinity to become involved as a group. We will bring some information with us at the December meeting. So see you with an ornament on DEC 5!

Women's Retreat -- Sept. 8-10, 2017


The women at Trinity have had two busy months, September and October:
        A. THE FIRST WEEKEND IN September our retreat;
        B. Bible studies meeting in September/ October continuing the lessons of the retreat;
        C. Barb Eubank opened her home for our fellowship on Oct 3;
        D. Sharing snacks as the “snack ladies” on two Sundays in Oct;
        E. Helping with the Fall Festival Oct 21, from bake sale, to the kitchen, to all the sale projects.
        F. Ladies of Trinity have been full of the “POWER”

One woman shares her thoughts on attending her First Retreat:

The whole weekend we did praise and worship music provided by Leta Garcia, we prayed, we had an incredible communion passing the body and blood around a circle to each other led by Lacy Lukich and had many hours of Bible study led by Sharon Wolbrecht. That is the big picture of what our retreat was about but I want to share what else happened during our weekend together.

All our meals during the retreat were provided by different teams of women sharing the work and cost. As I watched the different groups of ladies prepare meals I noticed a warm friendship and good fellowship developing among the women; they just worked together in good humor, support of each other and learning about each other through the simple task of fixing a meal. Then when they served the meal we all gathered together to pray, eat, share conversation, share time. At one meal, I had the great fortune to sit with two young teachers who shared their wonderful stories of going back to school and what their expectations were of their present situations with young children and life as moms/teachers.

Early Saturday morning many ladies rose and walked by the lake to have private prayer time. I looked around and saw woman praying, reading their bibles, sitting quietly, and reflecting to prepare for their day; what an experience for me to sit on a rock, to witness others taking time for God. Then walking back to the lodge, I came upon a mother with her small child who was being taught how to catch a ball. My conversation with God was “ok God, I am prepared to be that child to ‘catch’ Your words. I want to learn, open myself to You and let me be a teacher to others as this mother is to her child, use me as you will.” We gathered together singing with Leta Garcia, sharing food and prayer. Sharon Wolbrecht began our bible study which focused on ‘Mighty Servants of God turned loose on this globe to the Great Name of Jesus.” We watched, listened, followed in our Bibles, used our workbooks all morning and then after lunch we studied some more plus time after dinner…it was a lot to do for this retreat. As Sharon said “Twenty-nine ladies came and we began to form new relationships as we studied, prayed, worshipped,” We had a lot to review and think about in this study.

When Breaks were called for the ladies spent the time on the porch with their heads in their Bibles, lots of writing and great discussions. Questions, sharing, focus on what had been said in the lesson and where we were in our understanding or lack of understanding of the lesson. This time on the porch is one that I cherish for it gave me time to meet a lady of our church who I had never spoken with beyond ‘good morning” and who has so much knowledge and presence in her faith that I look forward to growing with her. As I looked around woman were sitting in groups of two, four or more talking, not socializing but talking about where they were in their faith and life. Some shared about themselves and some listened. Some groups returned to their cottages, again sitting on their porches with their books and discussions. Some went on walks, talking and sharing. No one swam or played games for this was a time for each woman to find her comfort area and talk to God or talk with another about our work. As Paul asked of Timothy, God ask of us. We are all strong-willed women but we have to be “Bold women, to live the LOVE of Christ.” Beth Moore. We went to bed Saturday night with lots on our minds and great discussions back in our rooms or on the porch of the lodge. Sunday morning brought a special time for the entire group of woman for we shared communion together by the lake…Quietly, lovingly, and with amazing HOPE!

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. “Galatians 5:22-23. Through that Spirit of love, 2 Timothy 4:2 tells us all“ proclaim the message, persist in it whether convenient or not , rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching.” As one of the ladies said in the last whole group meeting, “I have to do more, I have to say more.” We have to be those Bold women that we have been talking about and learning about…… “God has a plan for us all. He has entrusted us with the gospel message and He has gifted us to carry it to the furthest reaches of His planet. He is calling you to be His mighty servant, willing to face whatever difficulty we encounter as we carry out His mission.” Beth Moore, ‘Entrusted”. That is what God has entrusted to us and the retreat brought this clearly in focus for this one woman. We give a wonderful Thank You to God for providing us: the time together, the quiet, private place, the trust that grew among us in order for others to share, grow, cry, pray, laugh, and mostly thank you for showing us the way. Amen

Thank you to this Bold lady who shared for this newsletter

P.S. A short video with highlights from the Women’s Retreat will be shared during announcements on Sunday, November 5.