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We begin each Sunday morning with Leta Garcia, pianist, in the sanctuary for singing. We then break into our two classrooms: 5 years and under in the Disciples Class and 6 years and up in the Youth Room on the west side of the fellowship hall. We meet back together in the Youth Room for snacks and closing.

For January and February, we have been continuing our lessons. The congregation is encouraged to visit us and share their special talents! Ashley Finch will be calling on volunteers to help build birdhouses and other projects in the spring as part of our lessons.

We have a really, neat Lenten Lesson plan starting Sunday, March 3rd (Ash Wednesday is March 6th.)  Watch for more details in the March newsletter! We are also planning a Sunday School Family outing either April 13th or 20th, date to be announced soon, as we want as many students and family to participate. This will be for the Teachers, students/youth and their parents.

ChristmasCard WickerRanch Ashley-Teagann
One of the cards created by the Sunday School class.
They made all the cards for the Over-80 Christmas Gift Bags!
On Dec. 1st (the last warm, dry day) the Sunday School Class traveled to the Wicker Ranch to film for our Christmas Video. This was the picture from the top of the hill and they are holding a mirror to remind them and us all the gift Jesus most wants for his birthday is right there in the mirror—US!! Ashley and a “skunk” named Teagann were a part of the Christmas Video!