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Elementary Children in Driver's Ed?


Don't panic!  The kids are studying the Signs of Lent along with the rest of the congregation.  They just happen to be road signs.  With a few traffic cones and some kangaroo balls to "drive," the students are learning what it means to merge, yield, road narrows and so much more.  The high schoolers and parents have made large road signs out of fabric and a 30-foot highway.  The elementary students are adding a road sign each week from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. 

We will have a big surprise for the congregation on Palm Sunday and again on Easter Sunday. 

Sunday School News

Last Fall, the three Sunday School teachers got together and come up with a plan on how to tackle a whole year's worth of curriculum. We divided the year into "Bite-Sized Chunks" of God's Word. We are currently on "Chunk 6." A part of each lesson is taken from The Essential Lutheran Handbook.

Our lessons are divided into 15 to 20 minute "chunks" also. We begin each week with singing with Ms. Leta! She is teaching them classic Christian children's songs. They absolutely love their time with her. The older kids are with me during music time. We try to get our lesson and planning in before the younger kids join us.

We all meet together in the Youth Room for a lesson, craft and/or game. Have you ever seen little kids playing ping pong when the table is at their eye level? It is hilarious! Some of the January topics out of the Essential Lutheran Handbook lncluded: the sacraments of the altar, 7 important Bible teachings, and how we got our Bible. We also tie in one of the perricopes (snippets of Scripture from worship) each Sunday. We discussed what Scripture says about the Wisemen story on Epiphany and how many details have been made up over the years. We talked about the Baptism of our Lord (since we have had several baptisms over the past few months).

Chunk 7 (Feb 11 to March 18) will include both the Transfiguration and Ash Wednesday before we begin our lessons on the subject of Lent. It is here - during Lent - that the older kids decided to hold a "Lenten Experience" to help the younger children understand what Lent is all about. That idea grew into the Family Lenten Experience set for Sunday, February 25. You can read more about it in the separate article.

In recent weeks, we have had 10 children take their First Communion and three more asked their parents to be Baptized. They are actually evangelizing each other and bringing their friends to Faith in Jesus! We have another First Communion Class scheduled for late March, and another Baptism set for Easter Sunday. Wow! Faith in ACTION.

If you have a heart for teaching our children about Scripture, we have room for you!

Contact Pastor Dayna.

Youth Enchilada Dinner Fundraiser - Sunday, Feb. 11

Dine-In Enchilada Lunch with all the trimmings in the fellowship hall after 2nd service!

Free-Will donations received at the dinner will benefit youth as well as funds raised by a Silent Auction held that day.

All funds collected for pre-orders, dine-in on Feb. 11 AND Silent Auctions will help the youth cover costs to attend Summer Camp in Washington State this year.

Pre-order your "ready-to-heat" enchiladas no later than Sunday, Jan. 28th. They will be ready to pick up Sunday, Feb. 11th after late service!  To-go pans of 12 beef or chicken enchiladas are available for $15/pan—what a deal!!

Contact Ron & Tami Bigler for more information! 210.789.7166

[To donate to the Trinity Lutheran Youth Fundraiser - Bonfire, click here. Please note that there will be no Rummage Sale in 2018 as we explore other fundraising options.]

'Cwismas' 2017 - Elementary School Creates Holiday Fun


Here's their Christmas Video:
To view video, click here. . . .(give it a couple of minutes to load)

A Christmas Eve Baptism. . .

On Christmas Eve, at the 5pm candlelight service we welcomed our newest members by baptism—Rains Lucas & Skylar Rae Finch. Parents are Tell & Sara Finch and Godparents are Wyatt & Ashley Finch. Their baptisms were a special part of the service as we welcomed them to Trinity and also the Christ Child into our hearts. Welcome to the Body of Christ at Trinity Lutheran Church of Blanco!


After completing First Communion instruction on December 17th, four youth celebrated communion at the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with their families. The First Communicants included: Creed Wyatt Finch, Skylar Rae Finch, Rains Lucas Finch, and Layla James Lukich.

January 13th, 2018 FIRST COMMUNION CLASS

Pastor Dayna will offer another first communion class on Sat. January 13 from 9am-12:30pm at Trinity. Parents, if you think your 7yr old, or older child is ready for First Communion, please contact Dayna at 830-833-4771.

Sunday School Field Trip to Well Spring Retreat Center on Nov. 5th


Back Row:  Cooper and Charles Riley, Pastor Dayna, Shari Finch, Yvonne Skeen, Karla Riley, Katie Skeen, Ron Bigler and Ashley Finch.

Front Row:  Stetson, Creed and Skylar Finch, Makenzi Calder, Layla Lukich and Briley Thomas. 

Our group photo was taken by some Boy Scouts from Austin.

Camp Eagle - Video

To view the 2017 Camp Eagle video, click here.

Camp Eagle 2017 - River's Edge - Parents Information

Camp Eagle is a little different for Trinity in 2017. It seems that schools and sports have taken over what used to be reserved for church and family events.. Early June and all of August now are required for UIL, Ag, and school sports training. Therefore, we will be making only one trip for both High School and Middle School students. Our week is Sunday, June 18 thru Friday, June 23, 2017.

Out of the Twelve spaces reserved for Trinity, there is only 1 male space left.

PARENT AND CAMPER MEETING is scheduled for Sunday, June 11 at 11:45 a.m. (or immediately following the late service). At that time, we will make carpooling arrangements. Campers: there is only one special item needed to take to camp -- a plain white t-shirt.

In the meantime, we will be calculating your camp credits earned at the last three events: 1) Enchilada Dinner; 2) Easter Pancake Breakfast; and 3) the Rummage Sales.

For more information, please contact Pastor Dayna at 210.275.5638

Sunday School for Youth Takes a Break for Summer Family Fun!

KBB     Youth2    

The elementary age Sunday School kids were treated to a trip to the Donut Store on Sunday as a reward for their fabulous attendance and participation since last fall. Afterwards we chalked the front sidewalk with the kids' outlined shapes and greeted the 10:30 worshippers.

Thanks to Lainie Parker, Ashley Finch and Karla Riley for helping to transport and "corral" these very happy youngsters. Another thanks goes to Leta Garcia for sharing her love of music with our children faithfully every Sunday. See you in August for Blessing of the Backpacks!

Not rain, nor snow...

KBB     Youth2    

You know the saying. Our campers and parents worked the Rummage Sale on May 21st. Trinity's rummage sale was about the only thing that didn't get rained out. We made about $2400 that day. If you missed it, you will have one last opportunity to shop on Saturday, May 27th. A special thanks to Sandy Switzer and Lacy Lukich for organizing the event for Tami Bigler on behalf of our campers. There were many other ladies who priced items and set up displays ahead of time. We certainly can't forget the precious people who donated the most amazing items. We received rave reviews on the Blanco Facebook page for the quality of merchandise.

Keep Blanco Beautiful (KBB) Annual Trash-Off - Saturday, April 22nd

Oscar the Grouch has Nothing on Us! Keep Blanco Beautiful (KBB) Annual Trash-Off was held Saturday, April 22.  Trinity "Tribe" has continuously had a trash team for the past 10 years and probably back even further.  We had 11 people: 7 adults and 4 children.  In years past, we were assigned an area in the city to pick up trash. However, this year we joined the OVERWHELMED Heavy Trash Pick-Up Team consisting of Wayne Gosnell and Bruce Peele.  Together, we picked up 7 trailer loads, 4 pickup beds full as well as our trash route.  What an awesome adventure because part of our crew ranged in age from 3 to 6 years old.  These kids were absolutely amazing.  The 3, 5 and 6 year olds walked the whole way without a complaint.  They were having fun looking for the most unusual items.

KBB     Kids Milk Bottles

KBB asked us to list our most unusual finds in all of the trash.  No problem!  Besides the 8 huge tv's, dead computers, 4 couches, many desks, credenzas, and tons of bagged trash, we found four amazing things.  One of the favorite finds was a child's book of Questions along with a Mystery 8 Ball.  While waiting for the trailers to unload at the dump, we asked the 8 Ball questions.   The second great find was a life-sized cardboard likeness of Marilyn Monroe. Although wet from the rain, we put Riley Bigler behind it for a great photo opportunity.  The third items was several of Mayor Peele's missing campaign signs.  Another great photo op!  The fourth cool thing was that we found lots and lots of tiny toys to use when geo-caching.  

Naturally, we were having so much fun, we were the very last ones to return to the park for check out.  Cold weather did not spoil our fun and we cannot wait for 2018.  Everyone was treated to lunch and ice cream afterwards.