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Corn Maze & Lock In

Corn Maize                     Corn Maize 2

A few of our youth got to travel down to Hondo, TX, to visit the South Texas Corn Maize. They used a Scriptural Guide to navigate their way through the maze – the guide asked questions to test their knowledge on scripture. Get the answer right, and you were on your way to the next checkpoint, get the answer wrong and run the risk of getting lost in the maze. They had so much fun!! They completed both phases of the maze, visited the pumpkin patch, took a hayride, rode down slides and much more. They then returned to the church for a lock-in in the Youth Room.

Annual Fall Fundraiser

FallFundraiser01                            FallFundraiser02

This year’s Fall Fundraiser was a Community-Wide Garage Sale that was held at the church on Saturday October 19th. There were several booths of participants with neat trinkets and items, and one particularly LARGE booth right in the middle for the Youth. They sold donated items from several people, some of their own items from the Youth closets, and several delicious snacks at their concession stand! The most popular item??? SNOWCONES! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped support our Youth in raising money for future events.

Sunday School Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving01                           

The Youth Sunday School classes had a special lesson and Pumpkin Carving on Sunday, October 20th. The lesson was centered on how God picked us like we pick pumpkins from a patch, and made us individual & unique like we do when carving pumpkins. To let the lesson sink in and to have some FUN – the Youth each got to carve their own pumpkin! The pumpkins were then displayed on the church lawn for everyone to see as they came in!

Pumpkin Carving02            Pumpkin Carving03

Youth Filled Summer