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Co-APT “MAY MADNESS” at Blanco Middle School—The Blanco Coalition on Awareness, Prevention, and Treatment of substance abuse, or Co-APT, will host “May Madness” for Middle School students on Friday, May 24, from 12:30-3:30pm. Last year the event was a lock-in, but this year it will be during the school day.

This awesome event is an opportunity for youth in Blanco to have some drug-free fun supported and staffed by community leaders and parents.


Family Day Event

We met up at 10:15 at the We-6 Ranch Cantina and set out on our walk just after 10:30 following Pastor Dayna's opening prayer. Each of the Sunday School youth had a canvas bag to collect along the way. AT each station there was a scripture and an item to collect leading up to the crucifixion (coins, whips, crosses, dice, nails, cloth, and shiny rocks).

If the youth didn't collect a bagged item at the stop, they collected a rock to symbolize their sin that related to that item. As we got to the end of the trail the individual crosses the youth had painted here set up next to the large cross Jesus had died on.

As we got to the large cross the youth dumped their sins and placed their crosses into their canvas bags. Pastor Dayna lead us in closing prayer. When we returned the individual crosses were added to the large cross and the items were divided between the youth to make Holy Week Globes.

We had 12 youth, ages 1 year to 18 years, and 18 adults participate.
Ashley Finch, Sunday School