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 Altar Guild News

       On duty for the month of April will be Bonnie Palmer, Tara & Caroline Seymour, Felicia Neigut, Amy Rust & Coryne Tom. Thank you to Arlene Hamlin, Lacy Lukich, and Tami Bigler for their service during the month of March setting up the altar for worship during the busy Lent season! In March, even as church worship was only live streamed for 2 Sundays and there were less than 10 people in the sanctuary, the ladies of the Altar Team reverently set up the altar for worship.

      If you are interested in serving Trinity as a member of the Altar Guild, please contact Bonnie Palmer, at 210-705-2811. Trinity’s Altar Guild is composed of groups of 3-4 members who serve, in a rotating schedule, during the year.