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Life Thoughts for Valentine’s Day
(From Barb Geistfeld, Trinity Life Team Member)

Highly Underrated Fun: Why a date night is an essential ingredient to building a culture of life.
By Shawn Carney, Founder, President and CEO of 40 Days for Life

        When was the last time you were on a date? Whether it be with a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, daughter or son, nephew or grandmother, how long has it been since you had a date?

        On Valentine’s Day the Washington Post highlighted research showing that young people are dating 56% less than previous generations due in part to social media and smartphones. How depressing is that? We’re not even dating anymore; we’re just texting and living virtually and vicariously via pictures and videos on our phones. Had aliens been monitoring us over the years, they might be bewildered by how boring we have become.

        The decrease in real human interaction, and just plain fun, represented by this decline in dating is dangerous for the future of the family. We can do something about it, something that is a pleasure to do; go on a date! Go to a movie, a baseball game, a bowling alley, an expensive steakhouse, a dumpy taco stand, or cook for your loved one and light candles. But do something before the computers take over!

        We have so little time and that makes dating all the more special and fun. I interviewed Fr. Paul Scalia, son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. I asked him, “With abortion going on and children dying every day, can we go to dinner with our wives? Can we sit back and relax with friends?” His answer was a simple, “yes.” He expanded on that answer, but the point is we must live our lives to build a culture of life.

        A culture where dating is on the decline and abortion is on the rise is a dying culture. We have forgotten how to court, impress, romance, and all the little awkward, fumbling nuances that go along with real human relationships. When we cook, put on music, and dance with our daughters in the kitchen it is pro-life. When we go on a date or make our beloved a candlelit dinner it is pro-life. A culture of life in general depends on flourishing relationships in particular.

        So, surprise someone with flowers, a bottle of wine, dinner out, cooking in, candlelight, or a picnic. It is easy to dismiss these things as unnecessary, but the impact is lasting and needed to build a culture of life.

Daily Intention: I will arrange a date to surprise someone I love.