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Pastor's Post - December 2017

Advent begins this year on December 3. Advent is the beginning of the Church Year and ends with Christ the King Sunday. Advent begins 4 Sundays before Christmas Day and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent is a season of preparation for the Coming of the Christ Child. The Christmas Season actually begins on Christmas Eve. It all began with the longing of the Jews for the coming of the Messiah. In Advent we recognize how much we need a Savior and look forward to his coming again this year.

The color of Advent is blue to remind us of serious preparation, repentance and royalty. Advent is about waiting as the Jews waited and waited for their Messiah, then did not recognize the Messiah when he did come. It is kind of like waiting in a long, long line at Sam’s during Christmas Season. You wait and wait, impatiently, then suddenly they are ringing up your items. It seemed like it would never get here and now you are putting your bags in the car.

During the four Sundays of Advent we will look at the various time periods and expectations leading up to the birth of the Christ Child. Note, the Bible does not read baby it reads child. But that opens up a whole different world of discussion.

Sermons for the 4 Weeks of Advent will examine Old and New Testament understandings of the coming Messiah, Genealogy of Jesus and facts surrounding the Birth of Jesus.

As we wait for the birth of the Savior of the World let us prepare by reading (readings insert in bulletin November 26, 2017). Be here each Sunday in Advent as we learn more about our Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

May God bless you and yours,

What is Focus on the Family's The Truth Project®? -
“What is truth?” -- Pontius Pilate, c. 30 A.D.

The Truth Project® is an in-depth Christian worldview experience. The Truth Project begins by defining truth as "that which corresponds to reality." This absolute and eternal truth, at the heart of Jesus' mission on earth, continues to be the focal point of the Cosmic Battle in our own time.

In a recent study, the Barna Research Group revealed a stunning statistic that continues to reverberate throughout the evangelical world. Only 9 percent of professing Christians have a biblical worldview.1

Because of this, today's believers live very similarly to non-believers. We spend our money and time on things that fail to satisfy and we begin to wonder what life's ultimate purpose really is. We are, in short, losing our bearings as a people and a nation.

To counter this slide within the body of Christ, we are launching one of the most ambitious and powerful projects in the history of our ministry—Focus on the Family's The Truth Project. The Truth Project is a DVD-based small group curriculum comprised of 13 one-hour lessons taught by Dr. Del Tackett. This study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses in great detail the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life.

We believe this one project represents the possibility for exponential change within the body of Christ, as we expect that thousands will be transformed by this curriculum. As it has been throughout history, God continues to call ordinary people (just like YOU) to make an eternal difference in our world.

1. The Barna Update, "A Biblical Worldview Has a Radical Effect on a Person's Life," December 1, 2003.
* A newer Barna Survey, "Most American Christians Do Not Believe that Satan or the Holy Spirit Exist" March, 2009.