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Musings & Random Thoughts

Here we go again! Just around the corner is Reformation Sunday, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. I get tired just thinking about all of it. But what a joy to give God thanks, praise and worship to God during these meaningful seasons of the church.

During my prayers last evening, and again this morning at 2 a.m., I was using Psalm 139 as a guide. I had many questions for God. As I sat in silence, at 2 a.m., waiting for God to speak to me I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, God was saying, “Hey Junior, slow down that brain and wait for me to speak to you.” Exactly what I needed to hear. Like you, my brain is on overdrive and that gets into the way of hearing God. As I sat there waiting for God a clear message for me was, “These coming days will be different than ever before. Rejoice and be glad you have these celebrations again this year.” Well Thursday, Sept. 27, I had cataract surgery on my right eye. My vision is different. God has made it plain he is in the middle of my personal vision and the vision for Trinity.

We have a wonderful, visionary congregational council I’m sure you are proud of and please know they are always concerned about the blessings from God for Trinity. Please know they always are concerned about God’s will first and your benefit second. That is to say, everything is different this year than last year. Therefore, the remainder of the year will be different. Children are in a different grade. Many adults have different job functions. Young people are launching the rest of their lives and the Astros are ahead by 5 games. Yes, God is good…

Reformation Sunday we will receive new members. So wonderful to have new folks join us in our community of believers. God always sends us people we need to fill a void in our ministry. And God has done it again.

Since being in the ministry I include in my everyday prayers, “Lord, you know I have a few good spiritual gifts and the rest of the gifts are not worth shooting. Please send people to fill those areas you have not gifted me with.” God always has and always will.

Yes, I am looking forward the rest of the year as we grow and serve God together. I thank God for each of you and the spiritual gifts you bring to Trinity, for the sake of Jesus.

May God bless you and yours,
By God’s Grace, Pastor