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Stephen Ministries Listen Well!

She was lonely. She was new in town and didn’t want to move here but had to because of her husband’s work. With her Stephen Minister, she was able to make the transition much easier as they explored the town and her feelings. He had lost his job and was angry and hurt. With his Stephen Minister he worked through the transition with less stress and more confidence.

The family’s health issues were pulling her in every direction. Everyone was ill and needed her strength and composure. She was exhausted, felt great loss, and she knew each day all family members depended on her. With her Stephen Minister she talked, cried, and freely shared her emotional pain. She was helped because her Stephen Minister never gave advice, felt her pain, was confidential in all information that they shared and opened the door wide for God in their prayer together to give HIS healing power. When the two met it was always at her convenience, not the Stephen Minister’s time. It was a time when she could just feel for 60 minutes, someone heard her and cared about her state of being, about her strength and about reaching God together. The time together with God provided her with relief, a friend, and peace which she needed. She returned home refreshed and feeling she could manage one more crisis with God.

She had been hurting. Her needs kept getting brushed aside. She stuffed her feelings. Years passed, the relationship in her situation grew worse and she began to have health problems. Then she heard of Stephen Ministry. During the next year, she had someone who would believe her, who would listen without giving advice, without judging her and someone whom she knew would keep absolute confidence. Someone who brought God to her in steps for her to receive.

Cancer is such a scary word. Yes, he was told you have cancer. He was tough, he could ‘cut his own wood”. He knew what he had to do physically for the cure. It was not going to be easy, but he had faith, strength and he had faced many crises in his life before this thing called cancer. A Stephen Minister stepped up and just listened. Laughed, heard his concerns for family, prayed with this Christian man, and walked with this tough man. They chopped that wood together which made it a little easier. His Stephen Minister became his confidential friend in a time ‘not so easy’. He was not the Stephen minister’s friend before cancer but OH! they had become strong Christian friends through God and this journey. He also knew that the Stephen minister would be a quiet person, always there for his family.

A Stephen Minister is a caring, compassionate friend, a good listener, a firm believer in God and someone who can keep confidences. The Stephen Minister will call the care receiver to set a time to meet, and the confidential caring relationship has been established. If you or someone you know would like a Stephen Minister please reach out to Carolyn Milam (830) 385-2482 or Sandy Switzer (410) 463-4076.