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Notes from the TLCW Potluck and Business Meeting on January 13th:

       Almost 20 ladies met after second service in the fellowship hall for the first TLCW quarterly business meeting and potluck luncheon of 2019! Claudia Smith, president, welcomed the ladies present and offered an opening prayer and blessed the food. While we enjoyed dessert, Claudia noted the changes to the new 2019 Women’s Yearbook. The yearbook lists the many ministries the TLCW support, such as the Prayer Chain, Bereavement lunches, 5th Sunday Potlucks, Card Ministry, Christmas Gift bags, and more!

       The most significant change was to our service groups which are now listed as “teams.” Each team is named after a woman of the Bible: Team Esther, Team Ruth, Team Hannah and Team Deborah.


       During the meeting we talked about how in the past the service teams were named after the seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) and that caused confusion with ladies thinking that they had to work 3 months of the year!

       The change to naming the teams after women of the Bible is something new that will hopefully inspire team members to think out of the box when it comes to women’s ministry, perhaps friendly competitions or challenges between teams or new project ideas. Bonnie Palmer shared a t-shirt she saw online with these four women of the Bible listed, (see photo!)

       As the meeting concluded, Bonnie Palmer asked if there would be an Annual TLCW Bake Sale in the spring, and we agreed to discuss that service project at our next quarterly meeting/potluck on April 14th.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Respectively submitted by Angie Daniels

Note: If you haven’t already, please be sure to pick up your copy of the 2019 Women’s Yearbook. There you will find all the opportunities that are available for you to serve.

Quick Note—I would like to thank everyone again for coming to our first Women’s Ministry quarterly meeting. Thank you for your encouragement and support, and I am looking forward to all the ideas, plans and fun we’ll be having in the months to come!
Claudia Smith