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Greetings and God's blessings to all the ladies of Trinity Lutheran Church!!

We have some exciting news to share with you. The Trinity Lutheran Church Women's Ministry is starting back up and we'd like to invite you to be a part of it! You might be asking: Don't we already have a ministry; Do we need a ministry; Are they going to start asking me to volunteer for things???

Well, yes and no to all. Let me explain: We have some incredible parts of Women's Ministry, for instance, our Women’s Fellowship group, a weekly evening of fellowship, food, fun and most importantly bringing us closer together as sisters in Christ, strong in His Word. We have Altar Guild, a more traditional way of serving by preparing the altar for worship each week; Operation Christmas Child, a service project to send gifts all over the world that share God’s love; Worship, which includes serving as Ushers, Lectors, Choir members and Greeters and a host of other things.

What the TLCW will do is to serve as a "hub" for these groups so that you are able to find a place to serve. We also want to encourage you to share with us your ideas on Women's Ministry, is there something you'd like to see offered, have you ever wanted to lead a class or share a talent or just simply offer a helping hand, we'll help you make that connection. Each and every one of you women, no matter your age, ability, or talent are important to us. Think about it, God in His beautiful, infinite, mind, CHOSE, to create you, wonderful, blessed you. So yes, you are indeed important to us, because you are important to Him!

Be on the lookout for more news and updates coming your way, oh, and if you don't mind, would you take a minute to fill out a short, 10 question survey? Surveys will be available in June and you can drop it off at church anytime. Call me at 830-388-0370 if you would like to share your ideas. Thank you and remember, you are dearly loved.

Claudia Smith, President TLCW

TLCW meets quarterly after second service on the third Sunday of the month in the fellowship hall. President: Claudia Smith Vice-President: position open Secretary/Treasurer: Angie Daniels Pastoral Care: Pastor Dayna Leggett

"hub": noun: 1.the central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate. 2.the effective center of an activity, region, or network.
Storm My Notes: When thinking about a women's ministry, most people don't associate a ship's steering wheel with it, we're more a butterflies and baking crowd. To be fair, I love baking and butterflies, but more than that, when I think of women's ministry, I think of the powerful storms that come our way, hand at the wheel, attempting to sail through the blustering, gale force winds and powerful, crashing waves that threaten to knock us overboard. I think of holding fast to the wheel, with every bit of strength we can rally, and I think of that middle part, the "hub" of that wheel, the center, Jesus Christ, from whom every part of that wheel is attached, separate, but important to each other, each spoke strengthening the next. Each one of us, important to each other, no matter what each is given to do, great or small, but together to form that wheel, which finally, as our Captain faithfully guides, with Jesus firmly in the hub, sails us into the quiet, peaceful harbor, safe and secure. --Claudia

Report from the TLCW Potluck lunch & Business Meeting on Sunday, May 20th

After worship services on May 20th, about 17 ladies met for a potluck lunch in the fellowship hall. Pastor Dayna gave the blessing before everyone enjoyed lunch. As everyone finished their pie, Pastor Dayna gave an opening devotion on the role of a disciple and what servanthood means: we serve God by serving one another.

Leta Garcia, Council Worship Chair, opened the business meeting and asked for those willing to serve as officers of TLC Women. Claudia Smith and Angie Daniels volunteered to serve as officers for the TLC Women. Amy Jeanne Welton moved to elect both Claudia and Angie, as President and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively. Bonnie Palmer seconded, and the motion carried. The office of Vice-President is still open, and we hope to find a willing volunteer. Continued page 6

A discussion was held giving the women’s group past history and why the previous Women’s Group disbanded in 2015. Discussion continued on whether there is a need for an organized women’s group that functions inside the church. It was noted that lack of participation in business meetings was the most obvious reason why the group stopped having regular meetings and electing officers. Leta explained the monthly Women’s Bible Study that meets at a member’s home is popular, but functions as a social group outside the church. It is open to all women in the community and serves as a “Friends of Faith” group.

It was suggested that in order to better provide for the TLC Women, we need to survey our members to find out: if they are interested in having a women’s group, whether they will commit to faithfully serve the church’s needs, and what other ideas they might have about what a women’s group at Trinity should be

Karen Wagner, Council Evangelism Chair, brought up the need to update the Women’s Service Groups. Following the death of a member or close relative, the TLC Women provide food for bereaved friends and family. This ministry is so appreciated! There are 4 Service Groups, made up of the women of Trinity, that rotate serving these meals following a funeral service. Bonnie Palmer offered to help Angie Daniels update the lists.

Other business items included: Secret Sister Sign Up—tabled until Leta could elaborate on it, next quarterly meeting will be set in August, Operation Christmas Child (OCC)—Amy Jeanne Welton invited everyone to come to church on June 9, anytime between 9am and 3pm to help with this Work Day. She asked for a volunteer to organize a potluck lunch for the Box Packing Party set for Sunday, November 18th, as it is easier to stay and help after church on Nov. 18th if lunch is already taken care of. Amy Jeanne is also looking for donations to cover the cost of shipping the estimated 100 shoeboxes she hopes to assemble in November, at a cost of $9/box.

The meeting closed with participants holding hands as Pastor Dayna led us in prayer.
Angie Daniels, TLCW Secretary